33 Websites That Pay You to Write [Up to $700+ Per Article]

As a seasoned or full-time freelance writer, you might be looking for legitimate websites that pay you to write.

While some websites pay peanuts for freelancers willing to spend several hours to craft the perfect piece of content, other sites pay as high as $500 per piece to outstanding writers.

If you’re an experienced writer, then I would recommend you consider checking out websites that pay writers more than $50 per article.

Such sites understand the effort and commitment that goes into crafting amazing content for digital consumers.

NOTE: If you love to write poems then be sure to check out this list of magazines that pay for poetry.

Below are some of the best-paying legitimate websites where freelance writers can get gigs and make decent part-time and/or full-time income.

1. The Penny Voice

Here at The Penny Voice, we publish 4 guest posts each month. We are interested in listicles on blogging and freelancing tools, resources, and tips.

We only accept high-quality guest posts and pay $40 per accepted submission. The guest post has to be at least 1,500 words and no more than 2,500 words unless otherwise stated.

Take the time to read our guest post guidelines then send us a pitch if you wish to write for us.

2. Make a Living Writing

Make a Living Writing is a blog that helps writers find better-paying gigs while nurturing freelancers to move up the freelancing ladder.

The site pays guest post writers between $75 and $150 per article.

websites that pay you to write

Topics you can pitch ideas on include copywriting, blogging, ghostwriting, marketing, productivity, freelancing tools & resources, freelancing success stories, and social media marketing success stories among others.

You can check the site’s guide for guest posts if you’re planning to have a guest post published on any of their focus topics.

3. Her View From Home

Her View From Home publishes content on a range of topics, including family, parenting, kids, relationships, faith, and grief.

They accept both original and previously published content, although original content pays better.

They use a “Per-View” pay model where the more views your article gets the more you earn.

For example, if you submit an original article and it gets 4,000+ views you get paid $100. You can learn more about what they look for and how much they pay here.

4. Freelance Mom

Are you a mom, a good writer, and with a story to tell?

Freelance Mom might be the ideal platform for you to tell your motherhood story and get paid between $75 and $100 via PayPal.

As a bonus, if your article gets shared the most in a month you win an additional $150 bonus.

Your article should be between 900-1,500 words. Here is a comprehensive guest post guideline for Freelance Mom.

5. Listverse

Listverse is a website that pays creative writers for crafting unique listicles with 10 items (e.g. 10 Johny Walker Facts That….).

You do not need to be an expert, but being creative and a good English writer will do the trick.

The site pays $100 for every article that’s accepted. They pay via PayPal and you must have one or else your article won’t be approved.

Check Listverse Write Guide for more information.

6. Bitch Media

Another website that pays writers for submissions is Bitch Media.

It accepts articles on dozens of topics including movies, tv shows, web series, books, politics, health, science, religion, food, parenting, relationships, education, climate change, and activism among others.

get paid to write and submit articles

For their print magazine, they pay $700 to $1,000 for features, $350 for dispatches, and $250 to 700 for culture stories.

When it comes to illustrator projects, they pay between $300 and $600 for magazine features, $200 and $400 for spot illustrations, and $600 for photo essays.

7. B. Michelle Pippin

This website accepts articles on business-related topics including making money tips, productivity tips, automation hacks, getting booked tips, and savvy tax tips.

B. Michelle Pippin pays between $50 and $150 per piece via PayPal on the first day of each month.

8. A List Apart

A List Apart publishes articles on web design, which includes coding content (HTML, CSS, Frameworks, etc), Design, Industry & Business, and User Experience among other topics.

They publish articles between 600-2,500 words and pay between $50 and $250 per piece.

You need to submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or a short pitch paired with an outline for them to make their ruling on whether your article can be published.

9. IncomeDiary

IncomeDiary is a website that focuses on content revolving around topics such as making money online, driving traffic to websites, content marketing, search engine optimization, buying and selling websites, and affiliate marketing among other topics.

You need to submit a pitch and be able to write a 1,500+ word article once approved. Income Diary pays $150 to $300 for quality submissions.

10. Dame Magazine

Dame Magazine provides the critical context around cultural, political, and societal issues.

The site prides itself in its unique takes on politics, gender, race, business, economy, health, pop culture, arts, climate, and internet culture.

The site outsources content to brilliant writers and pays between $350 and $700 per story. Check additional details here.

11. Link-Able

This is a unique website in the sense that it connects established writers with clients looking for guest posting opportunities to earn mentions and backlinks.

Your task will be to pitch topics to relevant websites accepting guest posts, create quality articles, and submit them to be published on those websites along with a link to a client’s website.

websites that pay writers for article submissions

The niches Link-Able covers include business, marketing, finance, health, tech, sport, and retail among others.

For every article that gets published, you will earn between $150 and $1,000 depending on the domain authority of the website the article was published on.

12. Funds for Writers

This website accepts articles related to writing and making money as a writer.

They make it very clear that they do not accept articles on “topics that cannot relate in some manner to making more money as a writer”.

Funds for Writers pay $50 for original articles and $15 for published articles (articles that have been published on other websites).

The site also has links to writing contests that you can sign up for.

13. Metro Parent

This applies to anyone living in the United States. Metro Parent has a print magazine and website that pay writers for their original articles.

For web publications, they specify to pitch your idea at least two weeks before you want it published.

Print Magazine covers Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties while the parent website covers what happens in southeast Michigan.

The magazine pays $25 to $200 depending on the type of article and its length while the Metro Parent website pays $35 for a 600-800 words article.

14. RankPay

RankPay is a website that focuses mainly on SEO, content marketing, and social media tips and strategies.

It pays $50 for original articles from guest writers. The article you submit must be at least 1,000 words.

Check out their guest post writer details for additional information.

15. WOW! Women on Writing

Although they are temporarily closed to submissions (at the time of writing), this is another good website to get paid for your articles.

This website pays $50 for original articles 1,000 to 3,000 words long.

You can also republish the article on another website later on, but you have to wait for at least one month after it’s published here.

For more on their guidelines, scroll down to the “Submissions” section at the bottom of this page: Writing Submission Guidelines.

16. What Culture

This is another website that pays you to write articles on film, music, gaming, sports, TV, and much more.

It’s an online magazine based in the UK and pays writers based on how many views their articles get.

websites that pay you to write articles

With more than 5 million readers each month, crafting a creative piece of content that goes viral can earn you as high as $700.

There is no limit on the number of articles you can publish as long as they are original and have never been published elsewhere.

Check their guidelines here.

17. Great Escape Publishing

Great Escape Publishing focuses on content about how to get paid to travel and often publishes interviews with readers, members, and travel professionals.

They do not publish the usual travel articles you find in most travel blogs and websites.

The website pays $50 to $75 for articles they request, $150 for interviews and personal stories, and $150 to $200 for articles that help their readers to earn extra income while they travel.

18. Indeni

Indeni is another great website that pays writers to share their ideas. The site focuses on an array of topics, and just an article outline will earn you $25.

You also earn $75 for a complete article of 800+ words. Check more of the guidelines here.

19. WritersWeekly

WritersWeekly is an online publication that distributes weekly editions with writing tasks for guest writers to submit their pitches and approved articles. The site pays $60 for 600-word articles and $30 for reprints.

You can check their guest writer guidelines and the topics they accept here.

20. TwoPlusTwo Magazine

Passionate and knowledgeable about poker and gambling? Why not earn by writing about what you can spend an entire day debating on?

get paid to write articles

TwoPlusTow Magazine accepts 1,000 to 2,000-word articles and pays $200 per article. If your article is approved, you get paid at the end of the month after the article is published.

They then pull down the article 6 months later and all the rights are returned to you. In case they need to repurpose the article they will seek your permission.

21. Doctor of Credit

The Doctor of Credit pays $50 for each approved article. The website focuses on topics such as free money opportunities, credit sign-up bonuses, bank sign-up bonuses, and credit score information.

I believe you can tell by those examples that the website focuses more on finance and credit card topics. You can read more about this website here.

22. International Living

International Living pays writers for submissions that get approved and published on their The Savvy Retiree Daily e-letter. The article should be between 500 and 700 words and you get paid $100 if approved and published.

23. LightHouse

Based in San Francisco, California, The LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired accepts guest submissions from blind or visually impaired writers for their website. You can contribute on a paid or freelance basis. 

LightHouse accepts personal essays and articles on travel writing, memoirist reflections, funny or useful lists, general humor, insightful analysis, arts writing, and much more. The site pays $100 for every essay/article they publish.

24. DesertUSA

DesertUSA is a website that accepts articles about the North American deserts touching on subjects such as wildlife, adventure, history, Native American & Southwest arts & crafts, and desert lore. 

The site pays $50 for each article they approve and use. Your article should have real, original photos.

25. ClearVoice

websites that pay writers

ClearVoice is one of the best websites that pay writers for their work.

It connects content creators with brands in various niches seeking brilliant article writers. The pay varies between $200 to $400.

During application, you need to outline your rates and the projects you can handle.

Since this isn’t a bidding site, you will receive email notifications when appropriate opportunities arise.

However, it’s important to note that the gigs will be presented to multiple writers but the client will choose only one.

26. The Change Agent

The Change Agent is another website that pays writers for articles and makes calls twice a year for article submissions.

Your article should be 200 to 1,000 words long and pay $50 for approved articles.

The site makes article submission calls in mid-August and mid-February and articles should be submitted before the set deadlines.

Learn more about The Change Agent here.

27. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean has a program called “Write for DOnations” that supports people who create content for their public knowledge base section.

The site pays $300 for new tutorials while complex production-focused topics can earn you up to $400.

The site also pays $75 to $125 for updates for existing tutorials, with pay depending on the number of changes and technicality of the content.

You can learn more about their focus topics and guidelines here.

28. Envato Tuts+

Can you confidently say that you have strong web development skills – both front-end and back-end? If your answer is YES, Envato Tuts+ is willing to pay for your writing skills.

They look for articles on topics such as PHP, Ruby, server-side JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, document-based database systems, and everything in between.

The site pays $100 for quick tip tutorials and $250 for regular full tutorials.

29. Photoshop Tutorials

If you strongly believe that your photoshop skills should pay the bills, then this website will be an ideal platform to sell your expertise.

The site pays $50 for Photoshop quick tips and $150 to $300 for full Photoshop tutorials.

websites for paid submissions

You can pitch your tutorial idea and they will respond to let you know whether it qualifies. Here is the Photoshop Tutorials guest writer guide.

30. Envato Vectortuts+

Can you produce good content on vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketch App, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, and typography-focused content?

If you can then Envato Vectortuts+ will pay you $50 to $75 per quick tip tutorial and $150 to $250 per regular full tutorial.

31. WPHub

If you have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to WordPress themes, plugins, web design, and coding, then WPHub could be the ideal website to get paid writing.

The site accepts 800 to 1,200-word articles. You get paid between $100 and $200 if your article is approved and published.

32. EnvatoWPTuts+

Are you a WordPress expert and can share insightful ideas on WordPress-related topics?

Envato WPTuts+ is willing to pay you $60 per quick tip, $150 per tutorial for the first month, and $175 per tutorial from the second month onwards.

You can also earn between $300 to $500 per “Premium” level tutorials or screencasts.

33. LiisBeth

LiisBeth is a website that focuses primarily on feminism. They welcome guest articles from professional and emerging feminist writers.

They focus on topics such as feminism, innovation, enterprise, and critiques of systems and policies that drive inequality.

The website prioritizes submissions from womxn, trans, queer-identified writers, and journalists.

LiisBeth pays between $250 and $2,000 per submission depending on the type of submission.

Final thoughts…

Although we have highlighted just 32 options for you, more websites pay you to write and share your ideas, skills, and expertise with their readers.

Is there any other website that pays writers more than $50 that you know? Mention the site in the comments section below. Someone needs it!!!

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