10 Well-Paying Services You Can Offer as a Part-Time Freelancer

Whether you’re a full-time employee or part-time freelancer, you always need something extra to supplement your monthly income. Right?

While there are several gigs you can engage in for part-time income, some of them won’t give you the flexibility you want—some may need you to be there physically, which can prove difficult after burning your last ounce of energy at work.

Good part-time hustle is flexible in terms of:

  • Time: You can do it anytime (7 am in the morning or 10 pm in the evening)
  • Place: You can do it from anywhere (From your balcony or by the beachside)
  • Money: You determine your rates
  • Skills: No fixed skills requirement as in a specific job role (you can diversify)

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Well-paying freelance services you can offer

This article will show you ten well-paying freelancing services you can offer on your own flexible terms and earn some good extra income every month.

1: Proofreading and editing

Proofreading and copyediting are among the highest-paying freelance services you can provide.

Your focus will be to review written copies to check for grammar, spelling, readability, and factual accuracy.

Although most proofreaders and copyeditors do not work full-time, you can sign contracts with clients who need regular proofreading and copyediting services.

Look for proofreading and copyediting gigs on:

Be ready to take a few tests to prove your skills as a copyeditor and proofreader before being cleared to take on projects.

2: Social media management

well-paying part-time freelance services

Did you know you can make a good side income from offering social media management services?

These days, every business has a social media presence.

If you’re a social media person, why not offer to help a business (or personal brand) manage its social media pages and accounts?

This would involve helping them with:

  • Content creation e.g. writing LinkedIn posts
  • Marketing e.g. running Facebook ads and uploading promotional images on Instagram
  • Engagement e.g. answering queries and comments on their social media pages

You only need to learn the latest social media marketing trends to know the best type of content to post.

You’ll also need excellent communication skills and know-how to engage with and give constructive feedback to their fans.

3: Copywriting

Copywriting is probably the highest-paying and most sought-after skill in this digital era.

Since most businesses are transitioning to eCommerce and digital marketing, they need copywriters to create valuable content that promotes their products, services, and brands.

As a copywriter, you create content that compels people to take action (e.g. buy, order, subscribe, or sign up) and turn blog readers into customers.

Types of content that copywriters create include:

  • Website copy
  • Landing pages
  • Email copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Product reviews
  • Sales pages

You can earn hundreds of dollars writing these types of content and help businesses increase their revenue.

All you need is to learn and master the skill to create highly engaging and interesting blogs that people will want to read.

Freelancing websites like Upwork and Flex Jobs have several copywriting jobs that you can apply for and do while away from your 8-5 job.

4: Ghostwriting

While people earn well from writing and publishing their own content, ghostwriting is very lucrative.

Ghostwriting involves writing content for someone else that gets published without your name on it.

For instance, if you ghostwrite an article for someone’s blog or website, the blog owner takes ownership of the article (you’re not credited as the writer).

Ghostwriting is among the best-paying freelance services

According to GhostWrite and Prosper, ghostwriters have a higher potential of increasing their income faster than freelance writers.

Many eBooks you’ll come across are not written by the named authors—they’re often ghostwritten.

There are many websites that pay highly for ghostwritten content.

With well-polished writing skills, you can build your portfolio by helping companies and personal brands write eBooks, fiction stories, songs, speeches, emails, or online courses and earn thousands of dollars.

5: Web development and design

If you have the relevant skills, you can earn a good part-time income by offering web development and design services.

Web development requires a good understanding of coding and programming.

On the other hand, to become a good web designer, you need to have the technical foundational skills involved, such as:

  • Visual design
  • Design software
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

You’ll also need to be creative, imaginative, and have a keen attention to detail.

Freelancing sites like Upwork, Authentic Jobs, Dribble, and Behance have many well-paying jobs for freelance web developers and designers.

You can also identify websites that need some retouch and reach out to their owners on LinkedIn with your recommended improvements.

6: Audio transcription

Audio transcription as a freelance service

Audio transcription is another freelance service you can offer part-time and earn extremely well.

It involves listening to audio and typing the content, word by word.

To become a good audio transcriber, you need excellent listening skills, fast typing speed, and high accuracy.

Some best places to find audio transcription jobs include:

With the right clients and well-developed skills, you can earn as much as $50 transcribing 1-hour audio.

7: Video script writing

Video content is rapidly taking over the creative industry and the people behind the scenes (scrip writers) are benefiting handsomely.

Think of all the videos you watch on YouTube and the thousands of others uploaded every hour. Most of them are scripted, and often written by freelance writers.

You can become a video scriptwriter and help video content creators write scripts for their content. Video content creators need help writing scripts, so they’re only left with the task of presenting.

However, you need to have good story-telling skills and combine them with the brand’s messaging strategy to produce excellent results.

Watch this short video on ‘How to Write the Best Video Script for YouTube’ to help you get started on writing video scripts for clients.

Here’s a guide by Nick Nimmin on writing a great video script.

8: Coaching and Tutoring

Do you have an on-demand skill that you can share with a target group of people and charge a small fee?

Coaching and tutoring are popular ways of making a decent part-time income.

For instance, if you’re a business-minded person, you can start coaching people on business ideas, strategies, business plans, tools, and resources.

You can offer your coaching services either online, offline, or both. However, online coaching will expose you to a larger audience and let you earn more from your services.

Some of the best ways to offer coaching services online include:

  • Starting a blog—which you can monetize
  • Creating a course—that you sell
  • Starting and monetizing your YouTube channel
  • Producing podcasts and charging a small fee for listeners
  • Creating a paid-membership community

9: Research paper and essay writing

I know people who’ve made a fortune out of helping students compile their essays and research papers.

Most college students don’t have the relevant writing skills to write proper research papers.

Yes, they know how to research and produce scanty notes, but they can’t compile them into a meaningful document with flowing sentences and paragraphs.

That’s where you come in as a freelance writer.

Now, there’s a thin ethical line between helping a student and doing the work for them, which may surmount to cheating.

To avoid crossing the cheating line, let the student do the research and come up with ideas and draft notes.

Your work is to help COMPILE their notes and ideas into a refined document that’s presentable to the professor.

10: Graphic design

graphic design is among high-paying freelance services you can provide

Businesses are increasingly looking for graphic designers to help them create visual promotional and marketing content.

Why not take advantage of this wave by learning graphic design and offering your services part-time?

Some on-demand products you can produce as a graphic designer include:

  • Posters (both digital and print)
  • Brand logos
  • Product packaging designs
  • Short video animations
  • Video adverts
  • Brochures

These products help brands and businesses boost their advertising and marketing efforts.

As a graphic designer, you need to know how to use visually appealing content such as colors, shapes, images, and typography to convey the brand message and tap into the target audience’s emotions.

If you master the skill well, you can offer freelance graphic design services and earn a decent part-time income.

Some of the best places to find freelance graphic design jobs include Dribble, Upwork, Behance, and PeoplePerHour.

Start putting more money into your pocket today

As you can see, there are several well-paying services you can offer as a part-time freelancer and add some extra income into your monthly salary.

All you need to do is take your time to learn the set of skills required to offer your service of interest and start approaching clients.

What’s more, you don’t need to go back to college to learn these skills. Learning sites like Udemy, Skillshare, and LinkedIn have several courses—some for free—which you can always take to polish your skills.

If you already have the skills you need, go ahead and apply for those part-time jobs, send pitches and proposals, and start earning more money today.

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